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"Welcome to the official Kathryn Rose website"
(May 3rd, 2016)

The place to be these days for frequent KR updates is her Facebook fanpage and Twitter feeds.

Kathryn Rose Facebook Fanpage
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Here's a quick list of where she'll be in person, coming up:

•May 7 (rain date 8), 2016 - Orlando - Orlando Philharmonic;
•May 11, 2016 - Winnipeg MB - Winnipeg Symphony;
•May 19, 2016 - Kitchener ON -  CITS - JNC Rock Symphony;
•May 26, 2016 - Toronto ON - Orbit Room - backup vocals with Pretzel Logic;
•May 28 - Denver CO - Colorado Symphony;
•June 3, 2016 - Norfolk VA - Virginia Symphony;
•July 9, 2016 - Lake Charles LA - Lake Charles Symphony;
•Aug 13, 2016 - St Joseph MI - Southwest Michigan Symphony;
•Aug 18, 2016 - London ON - JNC Rock Symphony;
•Sept 10, 2016 - Flagstaff AZ - Flagstaff Symphony (Tentative);
•Sept 17, 2016 - Marshall TX - Marshall Symphony;
•Sept 24, 2016 - Erie PA - Erie Philharmonic;
•Oct 6, 2016 - London ON - JNC Rock Symphony;
•Oct 21/22, 2016 - Kamloops BC - Kamloops Symphony;
•Oct 29/30, 2016 - Sioux Falls SD - South Dakota Symphony Orchestra;
•Nov 11, 2016 - London ON - JNC Rock Symphony;
•Dec 15, 2016 - Calgary AB - Calgary Philharmonic;
•Dec 31, 2016 - Lima OH - Lima Symphony;
•Dec 31, 2016 - Duluth MN - Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra.
(More to come)

Kathryn Rose on Facebook

Other News:

-Do you have the dance pop redux of Kathryn's song "I Married Myself"? Whaaaaaat????? Get it at iTunes: Kathryn Rose - I Married Myself (Dance Redux) - Single

-"I Married Myself" was chosen as the official theme song of madlyinlovewithme.com 's 3rd annual International Day of Self Love, Feb 13/11.

-The Taiwanese woman who made international news and even a mention on Late Show With David Letterman for her upcoming wedding to herself... used... you guessed it... Kathryn's song "I Married Myself" in the formal wedding ceremony on Nov 6/10. For more on this, see Kathryn's Facebook fanpage.

KR's compilation CD, "SOMETHING I CAN USE" available at iTunes:
Kathryn Rose - Something I Can Use

A few autographed copies remain of her new CD compilation "SOMETHING I CAN USE". Click on the CD cover below to order yours.

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"May 16/10 Toronto date"
(April 27th, 2010)

Kathryn is performing "I Married Myself" live at a fundraiser for a one woman show by Christel Bartelse touring 2010 Fringe Festivals, which will be using her song in the show. Come join her on Sunday May 16, 2010 from 3-5PM at Fixt Point Theatre, Toronto. More details at the Live Events page.


"CBC Radio One Review of Kathryn's new compilation "SOMETHING I CAN USE""
(May 2nd, 2010)

"Kathryn Rose has switched back and forth from backing other singers to taking the spotlight as a performing artist in her own right. The selection of gorgeous hook-filled songs on "Something I Can Use" makes a case for Kathryn going the solo star route full time."
-Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio

(As heard in Mark Rheaume's spotlight on Kathryn in his CBC Radio One/Fresh Air/May Musicians segment (May 2/10).

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"Battle Of The Blades Season 1"
(November 27th, 2009)

KR with hockey's Claude Lemieux after recording their duet of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah for Battle Of The Blades in November 2009.


"KR performing at Luminato w/Emilie & Melanie"
(May 25th, 2009)

Hear Kathryn Rose, Melanie Doane and Emilie-Claire Barlow perform "Cowgirl In The Sand" at the Luminato/Neil Young Live at Massey Hall tribute on June 10/09, Massey Hall, at CBC Radio 2/Concerts On Demand.

Kathryn Rose, Emilie-Claire Barlow and Melanie Doane have been added to the all-star lineup for Luminato's The Canadian Songbook: A Tribute to Neil Young Live at Massey Hall. June 10/09, Massey Hall.
See Live Dates for more info.


"Baby news and KR back to work 2 weeks after"
(April 9th, 2009)


Born 3 weeks early on Wednesday, March 18 at 11:06pm, at 6 lbs/14 oz, Kathryn, David and 3 year old daughter Miranda welcomed their new baby boy, Ivor James Macniven into the family!

KR had a concert 2 weeks after the birth. Here she is backstage at that show, with Lorraine Segato, and also with Rique Franks and Stephan Moccio at "Alan Frew & Friends", April 1 & 2/09, with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, Centre In The Square.


"The Summer's Hottest Tickets"
(June 14th, 2009)


Check out Kathryn Rose, Emilie-Claire Barlow and Melanie Doane on the cover of this month's Inside Entertainment Magazine. They are also featured within, in an article about the Luminato/Neil Young Live at Massey Hall tribute concert.

Here is the trio taking their bow after performing Cowgirl In The Sand at Massey Hall for the Luminato/Neil Young Live at Massey Hall tribute concert, June 10/09. Kevin Breit and Gary Taylor in background. (Photo: George Pimentel Senior Photographer Wireimage/Getty Images)


"KR CDs now available worldwide at iTunes and others"
(March 4th, 2008)

We are very pleased to announce that all of Kathryn's CDs are now available worldwide for digital sales at the following outlets: iTunes U.S., iTunes Australia/NZ, iTunes Canada, iTunes UK/European Union, iTunes Japan, as well as Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, IMVU, Amazon MP3, Lala, Shockhound, and Amie Street.

This even includes her two albums with previous band Wind May Do Damage. This is the first time that the first WMDD (1992 self-titled) album has been available for sale since that band sold out of their limited edition stock back in the day! You can buy her music by the song or by the album. Please leave reviews for all the world to see, tell your friends, add KR to your iMixes and playlists and help start an online KR revolution!

iTunes links:

•Kathryn Rose - Kathryn Rose - Kathryn Rose, by Kathryn Rose (2005).
•Kathryn Rose - My Little Flame (Enhanced Cd) - My Little Flame (Enhanced CD re-release), by Kathryn Rose (2003).
•Kathryn Rose - My Little Flame - My Little Flame (original release), by Kathryn Rose (2001).
•Kathryn Rose - Every Lurid Detail - Every Lurid Detail, by Kathryn Rose (1997).
•By Wind May Do Damage Feat. Kathryn Rose/Jane Miller/Andres Castillo Smith - The Binds Of Blood - The Binds Of Blood, by Wind May Do Damage (1994).
•Wind May Do Damage Feat. Kathryn Rose/Jane Miller/Andres Castillo Smith - Wind May Do Damage - Wind May Do Damage, by Wind May Do Damage (1992 debut album).

Note: As always, you can still order physical CD copies of KR's music from maplemusic.com. (With the exception of the first Wind May Do Damage album, which is only available digitally.)


"Sarah Slean covering a Kathryn Rose song"
(March 13th, 2008)

If you were listening to CBC Radio 2 on Canada Live Monday March 31/08 at 8 pm
you heard The Songbook - a concert of Canadian songs in new arrangements by some of Canada's foremost arrangers and composers, including a song by Kathryn Rose, sung by Sarah Slean with the Art of Time Ensemble.

On May 10 & 11/07, Sarah Slean first performed this concert with the Art Of Time Ensemble, at the Enwave Theatre.

Cheap Hotel by Ron Sexsmith, arranged by Aaron Davis
I Don't Need More by Kathryn Rose, arranged by Phil Dwyer
I'll Never Tear You Apart by Martin Tielli, arranged by Jonathan Goldsmith
Lodestar by Sarah Harmer, arranged by Roberto Occhipinti
Black Flowers by Lynn Miles, arranged by Kevin Fox
Dress Rehearsal Rag by Leonard Cohen, arranged by Jim McGrath
Eyes Are The Flowers by John Southworth, arranged by Michael Occhipinti
Monarch by Leslie Feist, arranged by Cameron Wilson
No More Named Johnny by Hawksley Workman, arranged by Shelly Berger
Stride by Hayden, arranged by Finn Manniche
To Cry About by Mary-Margaret O'Hara, arranged by Bruce Cassidy.

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"Feb & March 2008 live events"
(March 10th, 2008)


Here are some photos from 2 great events Kathryn took part in:

•KR was the special musical guest at the ACTRA Awards/Feb 29, 2008/The Carlu/Toronto.

• KR sang backups for Martin Fry of ABC in a concert with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony on March 5 & 6/08, along with singers Katalin Kiss (left) and Rique Franks.


"KR performs in award-winning radio spot"
(May 3rd, 2007)

KR recently performed a voiceover in a Neutrogena radio spot which just won the top prize (Gold in the Radio category) at this year's Canada Cannes National Advertising Awards competition. The news was announced last night at Alumni Hall in Toronto. The spot was written by Jon Murray at Colour in Halifax and was produced by Song & Patter in Toronto. If we get permission perhaps we'll put it up on this site in the Ear Candy section (Listen & Look page).


"KR singing with Frank Patrick at Gladstone Ballroom on May 4"
(April 15th, 2007)

May 4, Gladstone Ballroom. See Live Dates for more info.


"Kathryn appearing live on March 22 for Karaoke Union Songs CD Launch"
(February 26th, 2007)


KR has contributed to a CD called "Karaoke Union Songs", a co-production of the United Steelworkers and People’s Progressive Karaoke. These are all-new recordings of the stirring music that has been a central part of workers’ struggles over the past century, featuring great vocal performances by:

1. The Ballad of Springhill (Mike Danckert)
2. Ruby and the Painted Pants (Mike Hersh of the United Steelworkers)
3. Joe Hill (Coco ‘Cognac’ Brown)
4. Union Maid (Toronto City Councillor Paula Fletcher & Anne Healy of CUPE)
5. Put it on the Ground (Robert Priest)
6. Bread & Roses (Kathryn Rose)
7. Which Side Are You On? (OPSEU Rep. Marnie Niemi)
8. Strange Fruit (Jackie Richardson)
9. There is Power in a Union (Bryant Didier)
10. Solidarity Forever (Ensemble, incl. KR)

The CD will be officially launched on Thursday, March 22 at 7:30 PM at the United Steelworkers of Canada Hall, 25 Cecil Street in the China Town/Kensington Market district, Toronto. Refreshments, Live Music and Karaoke! KR will there to sing a 6-song set. See Live dates for more info.

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"Mike Evin on Kathryn Rose"
(January 8th, 2007)

Just found this nice description of KR's performance at the Tom Waits tribute concert from Nov. 18, in a Blog entry by one of the other fine performers that night, Mike Evin. See the link below for Mike's whole concert review and Blog. Here's his quote about KR:

"Kathryn Rose was up next. She's got a beautiful voice and sang some of Waits' more romantic songs. "the briar and the rose" is from The Black Rider, an album I've never heard, and it's really haunting. I love "picture in a frame" (from Mule Variations) and Rose gave an incredible rendition of it with her guitar player. It was just voice and electric guitar, and highly original."

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"Cliffhanger on Degrassi"
(December 12th, 2006)

KR's song "Cliffhanger" from the "Kathryn Rose" CD was used in an episode of "Degrassi: The Next Generation", that aired on Dec. 12/06 on CTV in the 2nd half-hour of a 2-part episode called "Eyes Without A Face".

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"KR's Live Appearance on Dec. 4"
(December 5th, 2006)

Hot on the heels of her Sep. 18 appearance at "Sharron's Party" at The Gladstone Hotel, KR was asked to return for a best-of Sharron's Party show called "Night of 100 Stars!! Minus 90!" on Dec. 4.

She performed a new song for the first time, "Jingle Queen" and "One Person". After her set, Sharron told the audience that her husband George Masswohl had commented, "Kathryn sings with her true voice." The show definitely fit KR's new-mom-live-show-mandate: "worth leaving the house for."

No doubt there will be more details in KR's next blog entry. See Live Dates for what's coming up next!

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"KR On The Scene"
(November 20th, 2006)


Nov. 20:
KR was interviewed on NatRadio.com, Toronto's foremost Internet Radio station, on 'The Liquid Lunch Show'. They talked about music, babies, touring, recording, radioplay, and played 4 of her songs: "One Person", "I Married Myself", "Yellowknife" and "Low Flying Bird."

Nov. 18:
KR was one of 9 stellar singer songwriters interpreting the music of Tom Waits for a concert called 'The Heart Of Saturday Night." Accompanied by Thomas Ryder Payne, she sang "The Briar And The Rose" and "Picture In A Frame." She also got up to sing backups for Gwen Swick on "Georgia Lee", and for Lynn Miles on "Time", and on "Ol '55", the grand finale with everyone! (Barnyard Drama, John Dickie, Mike Evin, Don Francks, Don Kerr, Treasa Levasseur, Lynn Miles, Kathryn Rose, Gwen Swick, and host: A Man Called Wrycraft.)

Nov. 7:
"A Winter's Eve", starring Emilie-Claire Barlow, Melanie Doane & Kathryn Rose, at Hugh's Room in Toronto, was just amazing. Everyone said they want this trio to perform together again.

Photos and more on all of these events to appear in KR's Blog soon. We promise, she's working on her next entry! She's had a busy few weeks...


"More KR Quotes"
(August 15th, 2006)

"Hi Kathryn, I've recently been exploring your music on iTunes and I've gotta say, it's the favourite stuff on my iPod. I'm a huge fan, and you want to know what my favorite song is? Deepspace Satellite... (short pause) I feel a bit like a pig in a blanket sometimes."
-Phone message from actor George Masswohl.

"Hey there. I teach band in Yellowknife... cool tune..."
-Stephen, MySpace, re KR's song 'Yellowknife.'

"Yellowknife is my life anthem. Yellowknife is my SONG i luv it sooo much."
-Baj, male, 26, St. Catherines, ON., MySpace.

"Hey! I bought your CD last week and my 14yr old niece and I crank 'Yellowknife' when I drive her to school. I think "Low Flying Bird" is great too! Love your vocals and the art work is cool too. Maybe you should come play a show or 2 here."
-Clint, 32, Michigan, MySpace.

"There’s comfort and a bit of wonderment in a great romance tale sung with a voice so rich, it should be front and centre." -Ottawa Citizen.

If you have a comment, send it to website@kathrynrose.com
You might get quoted!


"KR Family News"
(July 21st, 2006)


•HER BROTHER'S BOOK... KR sez: My brother Michael Rose has co-written a book on the history of disaster movies. Have a look at it on Amazon. It's published by Chicago Review Press in the U.S. and by Mosaic Press in Canada. The official release date in the U.S. is August, and late August or early September for Canada, but Amazon.com is already shipping pre-orders.

"Rose and Kay produce a fine read, if one not appropriate for airplanes. 'A' Rating." -Sci-Fi Magazine, August 2006.
"I thoroughly enjoyed your comprehensive guidebook "Disaster Movies." In fact, I laughed out loud countless times at your hilarious remarks and sarcastic quips. I consider myself fortunate to have included this entertaining and informative book in my collection." -Fan email from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
"With enthusiasm, extensive knowledge, and a keen sense of fun, Rose and Kay chronicle our love affair with disasters on the big screen." -Library Journal, June 2006.

•HER HUBBY'S PLAY... KR sez: "My hubby David Macniven was just in one of the hit plays of this summer's Toronto Fringe Festival, Alison Lawrence's The Catering Queen, featured on the cover of NOW Magazine. Hurray for Alison and I'm proud of my hubby."

-The Toronto Star called David 'warmly winning' and said the play 'is going to be one of those 'I saw this when it started at the Fringe success stories' - Highly Recommended.'
-It was the hottest selling play in its venue (the Tarragon Theatre mainspace) and was named the "Patrons' Pick".
-They were invited to be part of the Best Of The Fringe holdover festival.
-In NOW Magazine's annual list of Fringe highlights, The Catering Queen was named in both the Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Ensemble categories.

Photo L to R: Actors Dmitry Chepovetsky, Alison Lawrence, Sharon Heldt, David Macniven. Not pictured: Hume Baugh and Mary Francis Moore.


"Baby Announcement!"
(March 11th, 2006)

Kathryn and her husband are thrilled to announce the arrival of their healthy and beautiful daughter Miranda Rose Macniven, born Saturday March 11, 2006 at 9:58pm, weighing 7 pounds/12 ounces. David says she's her mother's daughter, with the lungs of an opera singer!


"One Person video on Bravo's Top 30 Video Countdown for 23 weeks"
(February 21st, 2006)

KR's video just enjoyed a long run of 23 straight weeks on the Bravo Top 30 chart. It debuted at #27 last September, and by November it got as high as #9. We would like to thank you for your emails of support which kept it climbing, and thank you Bravo for supporting this single.

To see the video, go to the Listen & Look page of this website.


"KR The Journalist"
(March 20th, 2006)

KR made her journalism debut in the Spring 2006 issue of "2 Magazine: The Magazine For Couples". You can read KR's article "How To Get Married, Go On Tour & Keep Your Relationship Intact" at the Reviews page of this website.


"KR sings with the Symphony"
(January 23rd, 2006)


On Sat. Jan. 21/06 KR performed a concert with the Mississauga Philharmonic. Here she is pictured with fellow singers with Lis Soderberg and Jean Meilleur. More on this in KR's Feb. 2/06 Blog entry, "Gravity: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore".


"Sharron's Rose"
(September 20th, 2006)

For her first live appearance since having her baby, KR was a special guest at "Sharron's Party" on Sep. 18 at the swank Gladstone Hotel Ballroom. She sang "Yellowknife" and "I Married Myself" to a rapt audience, and was interviewed onstage in between songs by her vivacious hostess, Sharron Matthews. There are anecdotes and 2 more photos from the evening in KR's Blog entry (Sep. 27th).

Speaking Sharron and of Blogging, here's what Sharron said about KR in her own Blog after the show: "Kathryn Rose sings like a bird.....and people flocked to buy her CD...which you can also get at her website kathrynrose.com. She has such an original sound and I watched the audience sit farther forward in their seats as she began her set." (www.sharronmatthews.com)

KR was named "La Bella Del Giorno" last week in the National Post newspaper, in a feature to promote the show. The piece appeared in "The City", a sidebar about some of the city's loveliest citizens doing interesting things.


"Home Again"
(December 12th, 2005)


KR just returned from performing in Ottawa and Montreal on Dec. 10 & 11, on a bill with Likota Son. She was accompanied by Thomas Ryder Payne on guitar and piano. KR is now over 7 months' pregnant. Traveling was a challenge, but she made it!


"KR, Melanie Doane and Emilie-Claire Barlow"
(November 12th, 2005)


Last night KR performed with Melanie Doane and Emilie-Claire Barlow at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto for the 2nd-annual "Myles Of Smyles" event. They helped to raise over $11,000.00 for the Susan Westmoreland Legacy Fund for cancer in pregnancy research.

She performed a solo set with Thomas Payne and a finale set with Melanie and Emilie, accompanied by Thomas Payne and Mike Borkosky.

See KR's report on the concert: Go to her blog page and look up the Nov 13/06 entry, "Can I Borrow Your Pajamas?"
Melanie Doane's blog
Emilie-Claire Barlow's blog

More photos are now up in the "KR Live" Gallery.

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